Sophomore Scheduling Struggle: Deciding Future Destinies


Halfway There: Sophomore Shira Pries find herself puzzled at which program would be the best fit for the rest of her high school days.

The MYP project coming to an end marks the new beginning for sophomores choosing their academic plans for the rest of their high school career. With a variety of courses to choose from, sophomore warriors are looking for what best fits them and their career… but some may not know best. Many feel the pressure of having to choose a program that could very well dictate the rest of their future, putting an immeasurable amount of stress on these Dubs.

North Atlanta offers a variety of programs for sophomores to choose from for their future. The options cover the IB program, dual enrollment, Atlanta College and Career Academy (ACCA), college prep, etc. These options can be a little overwhelming however it allows a student to pick and choose what best fits them. The International Baccalaureate program is one that well represents North Atlanta’s mission and goals. Sophomores have the choice to join the program through the diploma program or career-related program. Both programs offer rigorous classes that are designed to prepare students for college level work. Charlotte Brown is currently a sophomore and plans to enter the IB diploma program. “IB has some the most advanced classes in the school and I want to advantage of that,” said Brown  

Many recognize that the IB programs are very appealing to colleges and are overall beneficial for students, however the school’s constant push for IB has left some of the other programs in the dark. For example, dual enrollment is when a student is enrolled in both an accredited college and North Atlanta, graduating with an ordinary high school diploma and a fully paid associate degree (with enough credits). This cuts two years of basic college classes and provides the opportunity to enter one’s field of choice faster. Unfortunately, these facts tend to be overshadowed by IB. While the IB program can be a great fit for many Dubs, it may not be a fit for all and should be expressed as such. Sophomore Sara Young plans to seize the opportunity to enter dual enrollment and has found that even when looking at other options, IB is still prevalent. “One of the dual enrollment meetings felt like a marketing pitch for IB,” Young said.  

There is no denying that there is a heavy pressure placed on sophomores to make decisions that will impact the rest of their academic lifetime. The current sophomore counselor, Darrly Robinson, ensures that chosen programs best match the student and their post high school plans. With that support and a little bit of digging from the sophomores end, they will find a program that is best suited for their needs and wants, taking a little bit off of every sophomore’s shoulders knowing that they’re in good hands.