Senior Summer: A Vacation Full of College Prep


Seniors Aria Bauer and Madeleine Rowe are picking up extra shifts for the summer, and getting ready to save money for college!

The last day of high school is quickly approaching for the senior Dubs, but the work isn’t over yet. Although the college application process is over for most, preparations still need to be made before reaching the collegiate level. Summer is the time for jobs, saving money, and then the fun part: dorm shopping

Finally being independent from parental figures means two things: more freedom, and less money. Although picking up extra shifts at work isn’t the ideal way to spend summer vacation, the seniors are going to be in desperate need of some extra money once they go off to college. Senior Alexandra Golomb has already been preparing for the extra expenses, and picking up extra shifts wherever she can. “If I want to enjoy my daily Starbucks trips instead of eating ramen every day, I need to start saving,” she said. 

What better way to spend some of this saved-up money than on dorm decor? One of the most exciting parts of living somewhere new is being able to personalize the space with a new roommate. Planning out who’s going to buy the mini fridge and who’s getting the futon is a crucial part of senior summer prep for many. Senior Grace Hardison already has her future room laid out. “My roommate and I have already been planning the design of our entire room, and we don’t even know which dorm we’ll be in yet,” she said. 

From working to shopping, the senior Dubs have a lot of preparations to make before leaving in August. Of course, there are still various senior activities to look forward to as high school comes to a close. But even after the Dubs walk across the stage, there is still work to be done.