A Joyous Addition: North Atlanta’s New Geometry Teacher Mackenzie Joy


Kacey Walker

New geometry teacher Mackenzie Joy brings a joyful light to NAHS.

Math is considered one of the hardest subjects for some students. While some may excel past expectations, others may barely make the cut. The success of a Dub’s mathematical ability is heavily dependent on the teacher. A teacher can make or break a subject for most and new geometry teacher, McKenzie Joy, has been able to make the Dub’s mathematical abilities rise to their full potential. 

Before Joy became the teacher she is today, she attended the University of Georgia and majored in astrophysics. Even though her classes were online and during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, by the end, Joy felt that she had learned all she had wanted from astrophysics. She wanted to move on and discover something new that would bring joy – just as astrophysics had. Joy had already been a long-term substitute at North Atlanta and was a math tutor, so her next step to a full-time math teacher only made sense. However, it was mostly a lucky coincidence that she replaced the previous geometry teacher, Taylor Sain, who resigned midway through the second semester, leaving an open spot for a geometry teacher. “I was originally planning to just continue as a long-term sub but someone heard that I could do math and here we are,” she said. 

With the unforeseen resignation of Sain, Joy’s entrance as a teacher was very uncommon. Along with this year being her first time teaching, Joy’s odds were stacked against her. Yet, she has been able to persevere through all these hardships and bring her new students to their highest potential. Although it hasn’t come without difficulties. The most difficult part was adapting to Sain’s teaching style to help smooth the transition. “I tried to stick with what she did before because I know it can be hard on the students to go through such a big change,” she said. 

Even though Joy hadn’t originally planned on becoming a full-time teacher, it is one decision that she hasn’t regretted. As she learns about the students while improving their math, she also works towards what truly makes her name encompass her. The conversations in between lessons and the look on students’ faces as they finally figure out a math concept are what allow Joy to work through the difficulties because, in the end, the results will always be worth it. “Being able to develop those relationships with students has been one of my favorite parts so far,” she said. 

While Joy came into teaching geometry in unprecedented times, she has pushed past the difficulties and found the best parts of teaching. Joy’s commitment to her new students has allowed the transition period to run smoothly and for future students to learn from nothing but the best as she will soon embark on her first full year of teaching.