Environmental Club Says: Stay Clean and Go Green


Olivia Chewning

Tree Huggers: Junior Soleil Golden and sophomore Caitlin Hohenstein plant the seed of promoting the environment by helping to keep the school clean and green.

When picturing North Atlanta High School, one typically imagines an 11-story building surrounded by big green trees and a lush landscape that leads the eye to a beautiful city skyline. A school this big and beautiful does not stay that way by itself, and the school’s Environmental Club takes on different projects to ensure our school stays clean, healthy, and green.

The Environmental Club started the 2018-19 school year off strong by going on a nature walk and cleaning up all of the trash along the path around the pond. They collected enough trash to fill three heavy duty trash bags. Members of the club also painted rain barrels that will be decorated by art students and set up to collect rainfall as a healthier way to water plants around the school. Sophomore Caitlin Hohenstein filled up half a bag herself. “If everyone just threw away their trash in the first place, our school would be so much prettier,” she said.

Next up on the calendar for the club is the club’s planter project. Environmental Club members plan on clearing out the small plants that occupy the planters in the lobby and replacing them with plants that are up to par with the aesthetic standard our school wants to project. It is no small task, but it could improve the mood of students when they enter the building and show visitors the dedication North Atlanta has to building a better community.

Seniors Keely Fitzsimmons and Avery Culp run the club, which they have dubbed “E Club,” and are committed to making the school greener than ever. To do this, they need as many North Atlanta students as possible to help by recycling, or even joining Environmental Club.

Everyone wants our school to stay clean and green so we can continue to amaze people with the beauty of the building and surrounding area. It is the passionate students like those in the Environmental Club that keep North Atlanta an enjoyable site. So for that, on behalf of everyone at the school, thanks to the club for all of the work they do and will continue to do throughout the year. In the meantime, members want to remind: Don’t forget to keep the school clean and green.