Comfort in Style: Blue Light Glasses are the New Zoom Fashion


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Feeling Blue: Sophomore Maggie Koontz poses with new blue light glasses meant to protect her eyes while staring at her screen

Wearing blue light glasses is a trend that has spread like wildfire across North Atlanta. Everyday students can be seen sporting their new trendy glasses in their zoom classes. Not only do the glasses look good, but they also help shield students’ eyes from the harsh computer screen light. 

Everyday North Atlanta students expose themselves to blue light. Whether it be while scrolling through Tik Tok or when they log onto their Zoom classes, students are subjecting themselves to harmful rays of blue light. Unfortunately, blue light can have many negative effects such as eye strain, fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, and it can even damage retinal cells. With North Atlanta students now being forced to stare at a blue light emitting screen for seven or more hours a day, something needed to be done to protect their eyes.

It seemed as though over night almost every girl, and many boys had hopped on the blue light glasses trend. It seems as though North Atlanta students are really enjoying the benefits, as well as the look of the glasses. Many students have reported having reduced headaches, and overall feeling much better and less tired after school. Some North Atlanta students have become so addicted to their glasses that they can be spotted wearing them after school. Blue light glasses have successfully made their way into everyday life, students can be seen wearing them while watching tv, doing homework, or even just playing on their phones. Some students even go so far as to wear them when they go out of the house. Sophomore Addie Nash said, “I love wearing my blue light glasses. I like how they look and they help with my headaches too. Honestly, I bought them for school but now I find myself wearing them all the time.”

Most students have resorted mainly to Amazon to acquire their glasses. There are hundreds to choose from. Different colors, styles, brands, and descriptions give North Atlanta students a plethora of options to choose from. Some students go for the “basic” look, like the ones pictured above, others go for clear rimmed glasses. Some students even go as far to buy a pack of 2 or 3, giving them a little bit of everything.

One thing is for sure, North Atlanta students seem to love blue light glasses. Despite them showing up seemingly out of the blue, blue light glasses have successfully made a spot for themselves in North Atlanta fashion. Both stylish and providing health benefits, it’s safe to say that this trend is one for the books.