Election Week Creates Tension Among North Atlanta Students


Caroline Feagin

Ridin’ With Biden: Sophomore Wyly Wickland shows his support for president-elect Joe Biden.

The most dreaded conversation for high school students is not grades or even college applications, but politics. Most students aren’t comfortable discussing politics with their fellow peers because they don’t believe that their opinions really matter. However, the 2020 election proved otherwise, even causing arguments online and in person. As the election cycle drew to a close, students displayed their strong opinions about whom they think should win and, on occasion, whom they think should have been nominated. Strong political divisions created tensions throughout the student body.

Despite not being able to vote for another couple of years, underclassmen made their voices heard. Freshman Jackson Young showed support for president-elect Joe Biden, despite not being particularly fond of either candidate. “I wish Bernie Sanders won the primary,” Young said. “I don’t like either candidate, but I dislike Trump a lot more.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the whole “red” vs “blue” argument. Some people simply felt indifferent, more concerned with the fights that played out more than with the overall outcome. Sophomore Kayla Beasley is one such student who wished to remain neutral. “There’s such a big split between the parties right now. I hoped that after the election, there wouldn’t be too much discontent, no matter who the winner was,” she said.

Not all students were left watching the election from the sidelines. Instagram stories were full of people advocating for those of age to use their voices and vote. Senior Sophie Terraso was one of the many at North Atlanta who did vote and was especially concerned with North students and not voting. “I was terrified,” she said, “I had no idea what it was going to be like, especially with COVID, and I was really worried people wouldn’t vote.”

Election results are still coming out, although Biden is the projected winner.  As we head closer to a new year, we must remember to keep North Atlanta united, despite certain political differences.