Westside Pizza: Atlanta’s Premier Place for Craft Pies


Jayme Feagin

Let’s Eat! Wire staffer sophomore Caroline Feagin gets ready to dive into a pizza pie from the popular pizza joint, Westside Pizza.

The new Westside Pizza building looks down impressively upon scores of hungry customers. Most people just find outside seating and plop down, discussing politics and complaining about the dreary weather. Waiters come bustling out, taking orders and serving delicious pizzas.. The aromas drifting out of the building could make even the most picky eaters sniff longingly at the air. The pizzeria has marvelous food that even those weary of the pandemic venture out to enjoy.

Westside Pizza first opened in January of 2013,  and its previous location on Marietta Blvd had been a long-standing part of the community; however, it recently relocated to the newly constructed Westside Village. The inside maintains its lasting appeal. The new, spacious patio  allows for double the amount of business, one of the many reasons manager Jon Miller decided to move. “ The main reason for relocation was for more space and a fresh start. The previous building was more than 30 years old and was heavy into degradation.”

Service at Westside Pizza is top-notch. Waiters always come out smiling and willing to help their customers. The restaurant adapted efficiently to new pandemic policies, providing a QR code that uses your phone’s camera to get a link to the menu. The QR code was very easy to find, and the website even easier to navigate, meaning we figured out we could eat a lot of the delicious food as soon as possible. I decided to order one of their specialty pizzas–the barbecue chicken–and a Diet Coke, along with cheese sticks for the whole family.

The food arrived in a timely manner, much to my delight. The cheese sticks had already been devoured by my family before the pizza arrived. The Barbecue Pizza was probably one of my favorite pizzas I’ve tasted in Atlanta. I would definitely recommend this pizzeria for anyone wishing to find craft pizza for a cheap price!

With the new COVID pandemic laws, finding places to eat is incredibly difficult. North Atlanta students are having to find new restaurants that are still open, because you can’t really live off of Chick-fil-a for the rest of your life. Westside Pizza is one of the many restaurants that are still open and waiting for your service. If you’re ever near Westside Station, I would ask you to give the place a try, as their pizza is some of the best in the Atlanta area!