French Fry Feats: The Best of Fast Food Go Head to Head


Dennis Racket

Fries Frenzy: Shown above are sophomore staff writers Caroline Edwards and Tanner Adams enjoying their variety of french fries that were vital to this investigation.

We are back with another ranking, and this time we take on fast food fries. Judged on their taste, shape, and level of crispiness, we determine which fries are truly worth the hype, and your money. We took it upon ourselves to purchase and taste each and every one of these fries to give our readers the most accurate breakdown of the fries that feed America. Results were as expected except for a few shocking outcomes. 


  1. Wendy’s:

If you want bland, saltless, soft but not in a good way fries, then go to Wendy’s! They will not disappoint if your expectations are literally on the floor. We commend them for their efforts but would also like to gift them some kosher salt.

  1. Zaxby’s:

Zaxby’s fries are a bit of hit or miss. Their fries have a special seasoning on them unlike any other fast food restaurant that we taste tested from. It is an acquired taste to enjoy such fries, but we liked the seasoning so we enjoyed them. However, the shape of Zaxby’s fries are a bit larger and harder to eat than the beloved skinny fries. Zaxby’s will never be a go-to fry destination for the two of us but we have to recognize their unique flavor despite their off putting shape. 

  1. Burger King:

We owe Burger King an apology. Going into this taste test we had very low expectations for them. Needless to say, Burger King shined. They exceeded our expectations immensely and we formly regret any harsh words or thoughts directed towards the Burger King fries prior to today’s tasting. Keep up the good work and we now love your fries! (Some of us, *cough cough* Caroline, sabotaged the ranking because of her die hard devotion to CFA and its fries. Burger King, you deserved better, you deserved the #2 spot. My sincerest apologies – Tanner)

  1. Chick-fil-A:

Chick-fil-A has some pros and some cons. First, the shape. While Caroline enjoys the unique waffle shape of these fries, Tanner does not. Tanner is a skinny fry enthusiast. Secondly, consistency. This is something both Caroline and Tanner can agree on. Chick-fil-A gets extra points because their fries are the same every time. It is never a hit or miss with whether or not they will taste good. And, as many say, consistency is key. Chick-fil-A knows that and we appreciate that. Skinny fries are still better.

  1. Mcdonald’s:

Mcdonald’s fries were unanimously awarded the #1 spot. They are skinny, the perfect level of crispiness, so flavorful, and perfectly salted. Who could complain? Nothing but praise can be given. Luckily, for us, the Mcdonald’s fry machine is always working, something that can not be guaranteed when ordering other certain items on the menu, *cough cough* ice cream machine.


There it is, the official Dubs fry ranking. This ranking came quite easily except for some Burger King slander from Caroline. While we could maybe be convinced to move some spots around, Mcdonald’s and Wendy’s placements are non-negotiable. Hate Wendy’s fries, love Mcdonalds, (Houston’s Fries are superior,) and Go Dubs!