Political Pests: What Was Up With the Political Ads?


Paige Clayton

Political Pests: Sophomore Paige Clayton is sick of the exaggerated political ads.

Ugh! Another ad related to the upcoming runoff election has decided to grace your screen for the fourth time today. What is up with your youtube algorithm? Why are there so many of these ads? It was clear from countless social media posts that North Atlanta students were annoyed by the number of ads popping up whenever they were trying to do absolutely anything online. It didn’t matter which party you supported; both sides were grumbling about how many of these they were receiving.

The frequentness of the ads were particularly annoying. Sophomore Reagan Weathington found the ads to be particularly annoying because of how long they ended up being. The presidential election had its fair share of ads as well, but they are no match for the runoff ones, encouraging you to vote for Ossoff or Perdue. “It made me mad at how often they were on a regular video,” said Weathington. “It made me like whoever I saw the least on TV.”

Many people have speculated that the candidates were getting desperate, scared that the turnout of voters wouldn’t be as good as the Presidential election. Democratic nominees especially were gunning for votes, as polls confirmed that both races were likely to be close. Sophomore Paige Clayton believed this to be the case. “I understand that the political ads were annoying; believe me, I had to click away from many of them. But I think it’s essential that they were there for a Democratic win,” she said.

Then there was the question of why they were even getting these ads. Sophomore Wyly Wickland was one of these people. Most North Atlanta students are under 18, meaning they can’t vote, whether they want to or not. Many people were getting texts asking if they had voted, which became particularly infuriating, as you had to keep responding to countless unknown people that you couldn’t vote. “I just wish they would leave us alone. We’re on break; why do we need to think about this?” Wickland said.

Now that the Elections are over, it seems more people will be less agitated by these constant political bombardments. Hopefully, we can start to move on from the constant talk of politics in school and revert back to small talk. Whether you’re happy or unhappy about the results, it’s clear that North Atlanta students can agree on one thing; those political ads sucked!