Starving Students: Warriors Long for a Lengthier Lunch


Carly Martin

Ravenous Warriors: Pandemic precautions have resulted in shockingly short lunch periods. Students struggle to eat, socialize, and make it back to class in the narrow span of 22 minutes.

As the Warriors rejoice for a return into the building after suffering through a global pandemic, they find themselves facing a new struggle: short lunch. Although the schedule claims that lunch lasts a whole 22 minutes, it feels more like five. Students face the choice of either waiting for the slow-going elevators, or fighting through the ambush of people in the stairwell to get to their designated lunch location. Once they finally arrive at either the multipurpose room or the cafeteria, lunch seems to be almost halfway over. Students are forced to scarf down their food just to make it to their next class on time. 

This time crunch is even more challenging for students who are dining in the multipurpose room. As a new addition to this year’s COVID-19 safety precautions, North Atlanta has introduced a new lunch location in the multipurpose room on the first floor. However, it is not up to students to decide where they eat as the location is simply based on class numbers. Some students have found a way around the separation, and have taken it upon themselves to choose which room they eat in so that they can be with their friends, or perhaps avoid being on a lower level. Although it only takes a few more minutes to get to the multipurpose room than the cafeteria, those few minutes are too precious to be wasted. Junior Alyssa England is one student in particular who has faced issues being on the first floor for lunch. “I can only eat one goldfish, and then the next thing I know I’m having to sprint to the elevators to get to class,” she said. 

To add to the growing list of COVID-19 preventative measures, North Atlanta has also instituted a fifth lunch period to spread out students more. Some students now have to wait until 1:45 to eat lunch which is almost two hours later than first lunch. The late lunch period combined with the short amount of time given to eat is resulting in a lot of hangry Dubs. Because teachers are not allowed to permit eating in class, students must eat a hefty breakfast to make up for the delayed lunch. “We aren’t allowed to eat during class, and when we finally get to lunch, there’s hardly any time to eat,” said junior Mia Alarcon. 

Although this year’s lunch entails an abundance of new changes, some things remain the same. Seniors are still able to celebrate their success with senior lunch privileges. Senior Maggie Lyon is one of the many upperclassmen who have gotten the chance to bask in the sun and enjoy the summer breeze during lunch this year. “Eating outside is a great way to get some fresh air in the middle of the day while also providing more space so that we stay COVID conscious,” she said. 

While this year’s lunch periods have undergone a few changes, it is important that students continue to follow all safety precautions even if it leads to a shorter lunch period. The additions of the multipurpose room and fifth lunch may be decreasing the time to eat, but these modifications will ensure that the Warriors are socially distanced and safe from COVID-19.