2048 Takeover: The Computer Game That Has Dubs Mesmerized


Dennis Racket

Cupcake Craze: 2048 is a computer game that is taking over the 11 stories by storm. During class, instead of aiming for high grades, students are looking to win the game and achieve the coveted white chocolate peppermint cupcake.

Dubs all over North Atlanta have been indulging in the new 2048 cupcake craze. This new obsession is a digital puzzle game in which players use their direction keys to pair the matching tiles of numbers until they get higher and higher and finally reach the number 2,048. Although the original game consists of numbers, there is an equally popular version that incorporates cupcakes. Rather than combining numbers, the goal is to combine the matching cupcakes until reaching the highest one. Although it may seem like a simple concept, the puzzle is quite difficult, but Dubs are here for the challenge. 

While many students can be seen playing either the original or the cupcake version of the puzzle, there are endless variations of the game on the 2048 website. The website has a cookie version, a dog version, and even a Harry Potter themed version. There’s a theme fit for every Dub. “The cupcake version is my favorite, but it always makes me hungry when I play during class,” junior Lucy Marin said. 

The captivating game has continuously kept students fixated on their computer screens during class. Although instead of being productive on their computers, they are trying to reach the white chocolate peppermint cupcake. In any classroom in North Atlanta, someone is guaranteed to be playing 2048. Some students have even downloaded the game onto their calculators to avoid doing calculus work. Junior Riley McCartney said, “It’s my favorite way to doze off during class. With my calculator, I can even play during math now without being caught.”

Although Warriors have been playing 2048 non-stop, few students have been able to actually win the game. When playing the original version, players must reach the number 2,048 to win. For students that prefer the cupcake version, they must pair 11 different cupcakes to reach the rewarding screen that screams “You win!” Junior Maggie Koontz is one of the lucky winners who have defeated the game. “I was so surprised when I won the game because I had been trying for what seems like forever,” she said.

Thankfully, some students have mastered the art of multitasking, so that they can pay attention in class while also striving for the sacred white chocolate peppermint cupcake. It’s safe to say that 2048 has become a part of every Dub’s school routine.