Student Slang: TikTok’s Influence On the Latest Teen Lingo


Ava Tomlin

POV: Juniors Caroline Edwards and Elizabeth Ackerman demonstrate “Boi”, one of the many new terms in teens’ current diverse vocabulary.

With a new school year comes new teen lingo. However, with TikTok’s increasing popularity, much of the current student slang now originates from various TikTok trends. New terms that have been trending on TikTok have begun to dominate the vocabulary of many Dubs. Although some of these terms did not come directly from the app, they are widely used on this platform. For the rare group of students who don’t spend the majority of their time scrolling through Tiktok, this list of the latest teen lingo is for you.


An Ick: An ick is something that someone does that makes you uncomfortable or grossed out. 

Example: “I get the ick when people chew with their mouths open.”


Boi: A word used to playfully make fun of someone for doing something stupid. Example: “Boi, stop jumping in the elevator.”


It’s the ___ for me: This phrase has been used on tiktok to playfully insult other people by pointing out a particular flaw or behavior. 

Example: “It’s the unbrushed hair for me”


Fit: This is short for outfit. 

Example: “Look at this new fit.”


POV: This stands for point of view, and has been used on Tikok to essentially give others your point of view and tell what you’re doing or what is happening. 

Example: “POV: I’m still awake at 3:00 am because I just started my homework.”


It’s giving me ___: This phrase has been used to describe the type of “vibe” something gives off. 

Example: “That skirt is giving me early 2000’s vibes.”


Sus: This is a shorter way to say suspicious. 

Example: “That new kid is acting kind of sus.”


Fact or Cap: This phrase has been used on Tiktok to ask if something is true or false. Example: “I heard we don’t have school tomorrow. Is that fact or cap?”


Scoop: To come pick someone up. 

Example: “I can come scoop since I’m not doing anything”


Living in my mind rent free: This means that someone is thinking about a person, idea, or thing constantly, and can’t get it out of their head. 

Example: “That dog video has been living in my mind rent free.”


Next time you and your fellow Dubs are scrolling on TikTok, it’s likely that you’ll find some of these terms in the comments. So if you want to fit in with the rest of the “Drivers of Cool” be sure to add these terms to your daily vocabulary. These phrases will be living in your head rent free in no time.