Dedicated Dubs Take On After-Graduation Aspirations


Caroline Feagin

College on the Come-Up: Dubs start thinking of their post-NAHS plans with the help of the College Fair. Juniors Hugh Breeden, Juliet Joyce, and Carter Martin show off their college paraphernalia.

Life after high school is slowly creeping around the corner. Juniors and especially seniors stress over what school they want to attend, what they want to major in, or where they want to live. The overwhelming amount of work needed to do for college applications can seem like a daunting task, but the College Fair was a great way for students to take a look at their future possibilities. With appearances from the University of Georgia, University of Chicago, Davidson College, Brown University, and so many more, the opportunities are positively limitless!

The College Fair took place on September 17th, and all throughout the school floods of people wearing their business-casual attire (though some still opted for a pair of sweatpants) excitedly talked about their ample college choices. One of those was senior Kayla Gilbert who is looking to major in political science or even public policy. Gilbert remarked on how much she liked the person working the Texas A&M University table was. “The person at the table had talking points prepared instead of expecting that we knew enough to have many questions,” Gilbert said. “He also knew enough about the different undergrad majors that he could speak about the specific benefits that a student could find in the major at the school.”

Seniors aren’t the only ones who excitedly looked at the stands. Though juniors currently have less pressure to find where they want to go, there was still a lot of excitement in the air while looking at specific colleges and the majors they offered. Junior Dennis Young thoroughly enjoyed the Emerson and UFC programs because of the film programs they offer. “I also liked the Wolfard stand because of the cool sticker that they gave me,” Dennis said.

Though some people enjoyed the College Fair, many others found it boring and tedious. The extensive list of colleges attending did not entirely cover a lot of where Dubs want to attend. Dominic Fanelli is a junior and eager to leave the South behind. “I would love to attend Colombia,” Fanelli said, “It’s a dream of mine to live in New York, and it’s a pretty good school to attend.”

Luckily, the College Fair is not the be-all-end-all of finding universities to attend. COVID may have hurt a lot of people’s chances at touring their dream colleges, but little by little colleges are opening their doors for in-person tours, and even if you can’t find an in-person tour for your college, virtual tours are still very exciting. A big “Go Dubs” to all those applying this year, and a “good luck” to all those still searching for their perfect fit.