You’ve Been Popped!: Poparazzi App Captures Life at North Atlanta


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Student Shutterbugs: Poparazzi is the new app that’s capturing the 11 stories. At any moment, students can be “popped” and posted like a true Dubs celebrity.

The North Atlanta Warriors are putting their photography skills to use with a new app called Poparazzi. This fun app enables students to take candid photographs of their friends, and post them to their profiles. Your friends become your paparazzi, and you become theirs. The app eliminates the artificial, posed aspect of pictures, and focuses more on capturing people’s natural expressions. It removes any manipulation of photos and ensures that users are catching the reality of the moment in its perfectly imperfect state. Dubs have been obsessing over the endless photo opportunities, even while at school. Many students are even using school classrooms as a backdrop for their Poparazzi photos. 

Poparazzi is similar to other social media apps, as it has an explore page that shows the current “featured pops,” which allows users to scroll through other people’s shots. The app also has a following page that lets individuals see the posts of people they follow. People have the option to post singular photos or they have the option to post a montage of photos. Every time someone posts a photo of you on your profile, there is an incoming notification that shouts “You’ve been popped!” Junior Olivia Lytle is a frequent user of Poparazzi. “It’s really exciting to get notifications that say I’ve been popped. I never know what pictures are going to show up on my profile,” she said. 

The app also eliminates the toxicity that many social media platforms carry. Users don’t have to worry about fitting a certain standard with Poparazzi. There is no pressure to maintain a certain quality or aesthetic. This is one of the main reasons why Dubs are so preoccupied with using the app. The casual feel of the app makes it perfect for those dull moments in class. Why take notes when you can take funny pictures of your friends? Junior Shalom Montgomery is one of the many dubs seen using the app during class. “I love taking random pictures of my friends during science. They’re always surprised when they see the pictures on their profile,” she said. 

Rather than worrying about achieving the perfect lighting or the most flattering angles, students can now have fun taking effortless and natural pictures. It’s always time for a photo op, even in the middle of class. So Dubs better beware because the paparazzi may be near waiting to pop your picture.