Battle of the Burritos: Willy’s vs. Chipotle


Carly Martin

The Queso Conflict: Burrito-loving Dubs can get their fix any day of the week. The question is where? There’s a stark divide between those who prefer Willy’s versus those who choose Chipotle. Carly Martin covers the Warriors as they (and their burritos) battle it out to determine which joint is the best.

It’s no surprise that the hangry Dubs are constantly hankering for some big burritos after a long day at school. And, of course, nothing sounds better than a fresh bowl of salsa and queso to feed those cravings. But where will the Dubs go? Students face a difficult decision when choosing their preferred Mexican joint. Some Dubs are loyal to Willy’s, but others swear Chipotle is better. The question arises: Which joint serves up the best burrito?

Of the two Mexican restaurants, Willy’s seems to be the most popular. It’s hard to beat their delicious queso and signature Frito burrito, along with the low prices. Although Chipotle has recently added queso to their menu, it does not compare to Willy’s liquid gold. Willy’s queso might be the most popular item on the menu, and accordingly, it’s very valuable to the Dubs. Junior Riley McCartney is a die-hard Willy’s fan. “Willy’s queso is superior to any other queso, especially Chipotle’s. Chipotle’s queso tastes like mayonnaise and sour cream combined which is absolutely disgusting,” she said. 

Chipotle fans appeared to be rarer when compared to Willy’s fans, but they do exist among the NAHS populace. Most Chipotle fans argue that the food at this joint is much fresher and more flavorful than Willy’s. Chipotle is well known for its customizable bowls as well as its amazing guacamole. Junior Ava Geller is a Chipotle enthusiast. “I’m 100% team Chipotle. The food at Chipotle is seasoned much better. The food at Willy’s is just bland.” 

Although many students are passionate about their preferred burrito joint, some students just can’t choose between the two and the various pros and cons. Many students would agree that the rice is fresher and more flavorful at Chipotle, but that the queso from Willy’s is unbeatable. Sophomore Addison Stevens goes to both Chipotle and Willy’s. “The rice and queso are so much better at Willy’s, but the guacamole at Chipotle is my favorite,” he said. 

The preferred burrito spot is a sensitive subject for the most passionate Dubs, so choose wisely. Picking Chipotle over Willy’s can send Willy’s supporters into a heated debate, and vice versa. Yet, regardless of your preference, we’re all burrito-loving Dubs at the end of the day.