NAHS-Themed Insta Pages Has Students Rating – Well, Everything


Caught Sleeping: Students sleeping in school, beloved family cats and even questionable footwear decisions are all ripe for the ribbing on themed NAHS-based Instagram pages.

Have you ever looked past the fact that you continue to find yourself zoning out in class, hunched over your desk, with an abhorrent shoe choice, and an outfit that could send blind people into a blindness hysteria? Well, now you have something to worry about. With North Atlanta’s ingenious themed Instagram pages – where students are chronicling the more common or even absurd parts of student life at our school – every aspect of our school is now being considered, rated and commented upon. . 

Dubs asleep in class? There’s an Insta for that. (Watch out: Your snoozing self might be on there soon.) Bad parking jobs in the parking deck? Be on guard. Roving critics – armed with camera phones – are on patrol. What about your really good – or terribly bad – shoe fashion decisions? Yup – there’s an Insta page for that as well.  

Let’s dig in. Sleeping in class is overrated, according to the instagram page @nahssleepygooses. WIth a whopping 182 followers, these random people get to now laugh at your despair as you get publicly humiliated and shunned. Just kidding! The students each received their times in the spotlight and found sleeping around various spots in our school. In seeing your buddy zoning out during an algebra class, there’s the intrinsic pleasure in realizing you’re not the only one fighting a sleep deficit. “We can all relate to it and that goes a long way toward explaining the newfound popularity,” said sophomore Brooke Robinson. 

From a former member of said society that has since been shunned, “I am incredibly ashamed of my behavior. I would like to apologize on behalf of my entire family tree for my inexcusable actions,” said sophomore Della Bohlen, who was caught napping in the hallways while she was supposed to be doing her AP Lang work.  

Where did the brilliant ideas for all of these pages come from? It could be said that the producer of these pages is none other than Carly Kunz. The freshman has also spearheaded the creation of @nahscats – a real favorite as Dubs get photos of their favorite felines out there – to another recent creation, @nahsyassification, which features fabulous filters that make photo subjects look just – well – plainly different. The site has been a real fan favorite and Kunz has already reached more than 500 accumulated followers. “It’s pretty sus how all of these accounts are popping out of nowhere,” Kunz said. “But I have to confess, I am the mastermind behind it all.” 

North Atlanta is not the only school that has been hit by this phenomenon, as such accounts are becoming popular at high schools across the country. But the whole rise of this manner of Insta account does make for some new rules of engagement: Make sure you don’t get caught lackin’ or slackin’, or else you will face the wrath of Carly herself and the entirety of the school. Don’t feel like being laughed at? Then don’t fall asleep and please make sure you’re not making bad shoe decisions.