VR IRL: Dubs Surfing Not Just Internet Waves


Future is Bright: The arrival of the “metaverse” means possibilities for our future our endless. And you already know that Dubs are excited for what’s to come.

Imagine living in a world just like ours, but one that’s so drastically different in the way that it was created that it isn’t even real. A world made up of ones and zeros so carefully and meticulously put together that to differentiate it from the real world would be a task only some could complete. The term “metaverse” has been one that’s circulated around for a few years, but now it’s growing and developing into something more than we ever could have imagined as technology continues to evolve. Not too far into the future, it may become the single most revolutionary thing to have been created in the past hundred years. 

Movies like “Ready Player One” and more recently “Free Guy” have both given a wide scope into what the metaverse could be. On one hand, this cemented virtual reality could give us all the materialistic things we value and have ever dreamed of. But what are its drawbacks? A flawed sense of what’s real? Or is the evolution into a world solely made for providing senses of entertainment used to avoid real world confrontation. What’s really the point of the metaverse? “From what I’ve heard about the metaverse, it seems like it could revolutionize everything we know,” sophomore Kennedy Marable said. “Plus it opens the possibility of me going anywhere any time I want!”

The metaverse as we know it has the potential to replace what we know as real life. School, movies, parties, and everything in between can and probably will be found in the metaverse sooner or later. Buckle up Dubs, because things like NFT´s, Bitcoin, and the metaverse all are coming for humanity in one big wave of evolution. Soon even you could be surfing in Florida or California from the comfort of your home and not just surfing on the internet. The possibilities are endless.