In Other News… The Otter!


Otter in the Water: North Atlanta’s otter craze has spread with a feverish pace, even causing one classroom to come up with nicknames for the aquatic animal.

Maybe you think it’s just a myth. Or maybe you’ve had the chance to catch short glimpses of it with your two very own eyes. But I’m here to tell you that it is no rumor Dubs. North Atlanta has its very own otter! The cat is finally out of the bag. Or might I say the otter is in our pond…? 

Now the circumstances under which our four legged semi aquatic friend came to be below our campus are unknown. Some think he has a reason to be here. But for what? Revenge? A lost treasure? To find the love of his life, perhaps? Many have speculated the otter’s motives. It has been seen intimidating our wonderful turtles, which have previously spent their time sunbathing on the log in the pond. The otter came in a blazing heat, caught our eyes and our “aww’s” and laid claim to our waters. And it doesn’t seem like it will be leaving us any time soon. 

Otter fever has grown strong among Warriors, so much so that it’s even seeped into classroom assignments. In a recent journalistic exercise in Mr. Stenger’s 3B Journalism 2 class, students were tasked with naming the new frisky fellah out in the pond. Among the names culled from this endeavor were Jimmy, Ollie, Otto, Gerald, Ricky, Mike, Leo, Charles, Thomas, Otty, Duck, Dubs Contaminated Carrie, Eel, Cuddles, Smiley, Oliver, Arthur, Alexus, Theodore. “That rodent seemingly lacks nothing and he even has a whole lot of fun names to choose from,” said Mr. Stenger.

If you’ve managed to see our new aquatic friend, consider yourself among the lucky few. Pictures and videos have begun to circulate around, but who knows, maybe it’s all cultivated by a very good video editor. From ceiling windows towering above, It can be seen at times traversing the watery plain just below the 11-story building, seeming awaiting a perfect photo op. You can see it in its eyes when he says, “Come on in, the otter’s fine!” Get it, cause… water and otter… nevermind.