Prom Dress Problems: Warriors Feel the Stress of Prom Preparations


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Shopping Struggles: Despite the magical night being months away, Dubs have already begun searching for the perfect Prom dress. Carly Martin outlines the stressors and difficulties of finding a dress worthy of such a special ocassion.

With Prom season approaching, the Dubs are racing to find the perfect dress to wear. Although there are still a few months left until the dance, it’s never too early to prepare. On the surface, it may seem as simple as picking out a dress and clicking “order,” but there are many other factors that must be considered before committing to a prom dress. Here are the top 10 prom dress problems:

  1. Finding the right size: There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect dress, but then realizing that it’s sold out in your size. Size can put a major limit on the number of dresses available, as many dresses are sold out in certain sizes, and take a while to restock.
  2. Finding the perfect color: Along with size, color is also a major deciding factor in the dress shopping process. There’s always some sort of preference that girls have when it comes to the color of their dress, which narrows down the options even more.
  3. Checking the arrival date: It’s always a struggle to find a dress that will actually ship in time for the dance. The arrival date can be a major problem for dresses that are on pre-order, as the arrival date will be much more delayed than usual. 
  4. Fitting the theme: Although fitting the theme of the dance isn’t always a major priority when searching for a dress, it’s always something to consider. It’s impossible to find a dress that fits every other requirement and fits the theme.
  5. Fitting the season: The season of the dance is another factor to give thought to when purchasing a dress. With prom being in Spring, some girls may opt to get brighter colored dresses that fit the season. 
  6. Finding a unique dress: It’s always a goal to avoid buying the same dress as someone else. This is another part of the reason to start shopping early, as people want to claim their dress before someone else decides to wear it. There’s always the possibility of wearing the same dress as someone else, but many girls attempt to avoid it at all costs.
  7. Looking for matching shoes: Once the perfect dress has been purchased, it’s now a mission to find the perfect shoes to match. It can be difficult to find shoes that are the right height, color, and fit, making the search for shoes another source of stress. 
  8. Matching jewelry and nails: After the dress and shoes have been settled, the accessories come to mind. Many girls want to have matching jewelry and nails to compliment the rest of the ensemble, which adds to the list of considerations to make. 
  9. Alterations: Getting your dress altered is yet another hassle that comes with buying a prom dress. Alterations may be needed for some dresses to fit perfectly. If the length of the dress is too long or too short, it may need to be altered, which takes more time and money.
  10. Looking for good quality: With online shopping, you never know what quality to expect when the dress comes in the mail. It could be too thin, too transparent, or just an uncomfortable material. Shopping in person may be the solution to this issue, but oftentimes there are more options online. 

Prom dress shopping is harder than it may appear. There are tons of details to keep in mind before buying a dress which make the shopping experience extremely stressful. Good luck and happy shopping, Dubs!