The Groutfit Phenomenon: Gray is the New Black


Dennis Racket

The Men in Gray Suits (Or Sweatpants): Dubs have begun dressing out in gray from head-to-toe on Fridays and other designated days. The trend originated on TikTok and now thrives in North Atlanta’s halls.

The Dubs have brought a new meaning to 50 shades of gray with their latest Groutfit Friday. Students have jumped on the trend of wearing completely gray outfits, usually consisting of gray sweatpants and gray sweatshirts. The monochrome look became popular on Tiktok and quickly began spreading around schools. At North Atlanta, gray is the new black.

The trend started as a joke circulating around TikTok when a video was posted of a group of students wearing gray from head to toe. Other schools were influenced to do the same thing, and now the Dubs have hopped on the trend. Many schools have designated Friday as the official day to wear groutfits, but at North Atlanta, groutfits are accepted as daily attire. “Groutfits epitomize fashion. I used to wear them unintentionally, but now they’re a thing,” said junior Jonathan French. 

Groutfits are not only fashion-forward but also extremely comfortable. The look ensures a stylish monochrome outfit combined with the utmost comfort. This way, students can keep up with the latest fashion trends without having to change out of pajamas. Junior Calista Fortin is one of many who are loving the groutfit Fridays. “I’ve seen everyone wearing their groutfits throughout the week, and it’s really making me want to join in on the trend,” she said. 

Along with being comfortable, the group groutfits have boosted team morale and brought the Dubs together. Many players on the lacrosse and baseball teams agree to wear their groutfits on game day. Junior Oscar Schlachter is one lacrosse player who loves to wear groutfits, not only on game days but whenever the team decides to. “There’s nothing more stylish than wearing groutfits to school. The team likes wearing them on Fridays, but personally, I could wear one any day of the week,” he said.

It’s safe to say that gray has become a staple in every Dub’s wardrobe. What could be more stylish and comfortable than an all-out groutfit? North Atlanta students seem to be loving the monochrome moment and are eager to showcase their gray at any opportunity. Love it or hate it, the gray is here to stay.