Shalom Montgomery: The Dedicated Dub Blueprint


Mady Mertens

Superstar Student: Junior Shalom Montgomery embodies the determined and motivated spirit of the Warriors, excelling in North Atlanta’s IB program, sports teams, and extracurriculars.

It’s no surprise that the Dubs are busier than ever as they’re moving through the second semester. With IB and AP classes, sports, clubs, and other engagements, the Warriors have packed schedules. Still, junior Shalom Montgomery makes balancing these activities look easy. Montgomery is a starter on the varsity lacrosse team, runs the school’s Best Buddies club, and is an IB mentor for Jackson Elementary, all while keeping up with her schoolwork as an IB student.  

This year, Shalom has earned a spot on the North Atlanta varsity lacrosse team. Being on this team demands daily practices that last until 8:00 at night. Due to the lack of players on the JV team, Shalom often has to play in the JV games and then play in her varsity game 10 minutes later. Most nights, she gets home around 9:00 which doesn’t leave much time for the piles of homework she has to work through. “I love lacrosse, but this year it’s been hard to balance the practices and my school work. They’re both very time-consuming,” Montgomery said.

Best Buddies is an international organization that aims to help develop one-on-one friendships with people with disabilities. Shalom wanted to bring this organization to North Atlanta and emailed the Georgia program director who manages all of the chapters in the state. In 2021, the club came to fruition. Now, Shalom is the chapter president of the Best Buddies club at North Atlanta. She helps Mrs. Rhodes to organize and plan monthly events that may consist of holiday parties, watching movies, and other outings that bring the club members together in an interactive environment.  “I wanted to start the club at North Atlanta as a way to create better relationships between students with disabilities and to open a more welcoming environment,” she said.

In addition to playing lacrosse and organizing the Best Buddies club, Shalom volunteers as an IB mentor for Jackson Elementary. This entails going to the school every Friday to help younger students complete research for their 5th-grade exhibitions, while also assisting them with any extra assignments. She’s always eager to assist others in any way possible. “I love being able to help younger kids out in any way that I can, and it’s been so fun getting to know all of them,” she said.

Like many other Dubs this year, Montgomery has her schedule packed. Schoolwork is obviously a priority, but Shalom aims to focus on others when she’s not worried about upcoming deadlines. Whether it’s helping out her team during the lacrosse season or giving assistance to students in need, Shalom is constantly discovering new ways to support her Dubs.