“Teen Wolf” Offers Blood, Guts, Warlocks and High School Drama

Are you looking for adventure, romance and a bunch of wolfish mystery? If so, the show “Teen Wolf” is for you. It airs on Monday nights on cable channel MTV and it features werewolves, kanimas, banshees, hunters, warlocks, and just about anything else nefarious that might cast a spell on you.

The popular show is perfect for almost all ages, although it might not be suitable for those 14 and under, so you might want to make sure that little brothers and sisters are safely tucked away when you’re watching it.

Even my dad likes this show, which proves that the show can be popular with longer-in-tooth generations.

“Teen Wolf” is an equal-opportunity pleaser. The show features plenty of gore which tends to make “Teen Wolf” popular with the male demographic. But beyond that, there are scenes with romance, which gives the ladies plenty to swoon over.

But why, exactly, is “Teen Wolf” so popular? After all, it’s a TV show s aired by the same cable channel that gave us “Teen Mom,” “16 and Pregnant” and “Jersey Shore.” What makes this story stand out?

Maybe it’s the plot. The show revolves around Scott McCall, a geeky, asthmatic teen who wants to make first line in lacrosse, date a cute girl, and fit in while navigating high school. Things get interesting for him when – wouldn’t you know it? – he’s wandering through some woods and he gets bit by a werewolf. Predictably, Scott becomes a werewolf. And interestingly, he is in love with a girl named Allision who just happens to be a werewolf hunter-in-training. (Relationships can be complicated, right?) The star-crossed pair has to survive the daunting world of wolves not to mention the cutthroat world of high school. And we can all relate to that, as it can sometimes get cutthroat in high school (think: elevators after lunch).

One of the main reasons this show is so unique is because it’s easy to connect to the characters. For example, Scott stumbles through the difficult world of dating and first loves. Stiles, Scott’s best friend, a dork with a heart of gold, is someone you understand and empathize with.

Sound’s interesting, right? Well, that’s not even the half of it. Not only are there amazing characters backed up by awesome actors, but there’s always a new monster that comes around every so often to freak you out.

All in all, “Teen Wolf” features no shortage of humor and tears – not to mention that aforementioned conga line of fighting scenes and shirtless men. If you’re into action, romance, humor and sadness on the side, “Teen Wolf” is just right for you.