The Heart of Dub Spirit: North Atlanta’s Cheer Squad


Dave Quick

Leading the charge: The cheer squad is always looking to energize the crowd and the players.

The North Atlanta cheerleaders are the leaders and bringers of Dub Spirit, leading chants and energy at home and on the road. Despite making it look effortless, the cheerleaders work tirelessly to be on top of their game. They cheer from pregame to postgame, bringing the noise to Henderson Stadium and beyond. In a historic season where the Warriors earned their first-ever playoff victory, the weekly practices and long hours proved to be worth it. 

The team is led by seniors Sasha Stanley and Layla Reeves and coached by Jennifer Page. Stanley and Reeves lead the way for the squad, but the dancers run deep. With a strong group of seniors and a sizable up-and-coming collection of underclassmen, the historic season was memorable for all. “Being a part of something so historic is special, especially being a senior knowing it is your last year,” said senior cheerleader Paige Clayton.

Their routine is a product of constant work and never-ending practice. Before the start of the football season, the cheer team practiced frequently to perfect their cheers. During the season they practice once per week to keep the routines fresh and ready to go. “This is when the leadership from seniors and captains shine,” said sophomore cheerleader Taylor So. “They help prepare us each week because we never want to disappoint.” 

The cheer team at North Atlanta is more than a team. They have become a symbol of school spirit and showcase it week in and week out. While the size of the student section depends on location and weather, the cheer squad is on the sidelines rain or shine, ready to perform until the final whistle blows. “We love supporting the Dubs. They are our classmates and our friends,” said captain Sasha Stanley. “They deserve the noise and energy every night.”

It is hard to imagine the work going on behind the scenes to make the magic happen. From the stunts to the cheers, the girls were there for Dubs every step of the way. While the football season has ended, a new season has just begun for the Dubs. The girls have moved to the hardwood and cheer on the basketball team, who looks to replicate the fall success.