Tik Tok Trends Garner New Obsession With Old Franchise “Twilight”


Caroline Feagin

Resurrection of “Twilight.” The unexpected return of “Twilight” has struck the halls of North Atlanta in the form of fashion. Juniors Nastia Jones and Paige Clayton are officially into the retro craze.

Within the teenage mind, three parts fight for dominance: School, work, and TikTok. Though this may be an exaggeration, there is no denying that TikTok is a huge part of teens’ lives, especially North Atlanta students. Around the school, you can see varying fashion trends influenced by TikTok, including kids sporting baggy pants and high-top black converse. However, one big part of TikTok and its influence that has been largely ignored is the popular media it introduces new generations to. Young people today weren’t around for the buzz surrounding certain books and movies, so they have decided to experience it now. One particular media that has seen an increase in public interest is (Italicize)Twilight, a popular romance series written by Stephanie Meyer. 

First published in 2005, Twilight’s initial popularity rose because of the supernatural elements located within the books, which were mysteriously inviting to readers. Teenage girls in particular were obsessed with the love story between Edward and Bella, and following the publication of New Moon, obsessed with letting others know about whether they were “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.” Twilight’s comeback has brought back these same arguments, with many debating over which character was the better “fit” for Bella. “Personally, I’m Team Edward,” junior Paige Clayton said in relation to that very question.

With the rising re-popularity of the mega-series in 2021 came TikTok’s time to shine. Trends reverberated throughout the platform, especially concerning the styles seen within the movies. Girls began to copy the looks, and around the building, you can see outfits similar to those spotted in the movies. Junior Nastia Jones, an avid Twilight-enjoyer, really enjoyed this new craze. “TikTok has changed people’s style in a lot of ways,” Jones said. “I know I started dressing differently when I saw what was popular.”

Twilight’s comeback may have been unexpected for some, but there has evidently been a rise in the popularity of certain TV shows, movies, and books. Junior Zane Jones has never seen Twilight, but remarks on the recent obsessions with other pieces of media. “I saw an increase in interest in Scott Pilgrim because of all the audios on TikTok,” Jones said.

TikTok’s continued success and relevance in today’s teenage culture will probably sustain as the years tick by. As the trends we participate in start getting closer and closer to the decade we are in, one must wonder how different types of styles will evolve, and how social media will evolve with it. Though we don’t know the answer to this question, it’s fun to see ultra-popular movies slither themselves back into the public consciousness.