“Better Call Saul” Puts an End to the Current “Breaking Bad” Franchise


The critically-acclaimed series “Better Call Saul” has reached its long-awaited conclusion, bringing the current story of “Breaking Bad” to an end.

“Breaking Bad” is one of the most talked about and well-regarded television series of all time. Although its final episode aired in 2013, the high praise that surrounds the show has never proven to die down. Its characters and scenes are always being heavily referenced by fans across all sectors of the internet. So it makes sense that a spin off series was created to capitalize on the major success that was “Breaking Bad.” This comes in the form of the show “Better Call Saul,” a crime and legal drama similar to that of its predecessor. Since 2015, this show has aired several episodes and had six seasons in total. However, during its run it has proved to be more than just a nice side story accompanying “Breaking Bad,” but another must-watch show within the timeline. 

The characters and events of this show have been referenced across the internet independent of the main series to an extent that is nothing but impressive. It has received praise and recognition comparable to the show in which it built on, and it has been a resounding success overall. That said, the show has just recently aired its awaited final episode on August 15th of this year. Putting an end to the current timeline, how do students feel about the show’s conclusion?

There are a number of students who are understandably sad about the show coming to an end. It has been around for over seven years, after all. “It was good to see it end on a high note, but I just want more,” said senior Candler Brannen.

A few other students were glad to see the show come to an end. They felt the series had accomplished its job and could come to a close. “The ending was great. It’s about time though, I’ve had to keep up with it for so long now,” said senior Zene Clayton.

Then, there are those that don’t care as much. They have other things to do. “I mean, it was cool, but I have like 15 other shows I need to watch so we keep it pushing,” said senior Jordan Staples.

“Better Call Saul” is now yet another generation-defining show that has come to an end. Given its ties to a series like “Breaking Bad,” its ending has even more weight to it. The success of its run is undoubtedly well deserved with praise being given til the conclusion. Although it’s over, conversation surrounding the show will more than likely continue for years to come.