Cultural Comeback: The Chinese Club Begins a New Year


Taylor So

Feast Fest: Members of the Chinese Cultural Club try traditional Full-Moon Festival treats.

As the clock strikes 3:45, students rush out of classrooms with the urge to return home. Besides the crowd of departing students, there is a bright handful of Dubs who stay after hours to gather in clubs and activities. Warriors are fortunate to have a wide range of groups to choose from that align with diverse interests. After taking a two-year hiatus, one of the most unique clubs hosted on the eleventh story has returned: the Chinese Cultural Club.

With the pandemic hitting NAHS in 2020, the Chinese Cultural Club -sadly – had to push pause on their meetings. Their spirit never died, however, and they have just returned with 25 total members. This past week they celebrated the Full Moon Festival with mooncakes and holiday lanterns. While enjoying the celebration, club leaders discussed the legend of Chang’e (嫦娥), a moon goddess in Chinese mythology. “I’m so thankful for this amazing group of people,” said President Jordan Barnes. “It’s special to celebrate a beautiful culture with NAHS students.”

The Full Moon Festival is only one of the many holidays the club plans to celebrate. However, they aren’t limited to the North Atlanta campus. The Chinese Cultural Club is planning to venture into Atlanta this school year to immerse itself deeper into Chinese culture. Members such as vice president Lily Holt are excited to participate in hands-on learning activities incorporating Chinese customs and traditions into everyday life. “We’re planning to attend a lantern festival, volunteer at elementary schools, and even learn how to write Chinese calligraphy,” says Holt.

However, these events aren’t exclusive to Chinese language students. The Chinese Cultural Club is open to all students interested in learning about the culture and engaging in community activities. Sophomore Corrine Evans, among others, is taking the opportunity to learn about new cultural experiences after school. “I appreciate how they welcome everyone,” says Evans. “I will remember the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, and the people I met through the experience for the rest of my life.”

Though the Chinese Cultural Club has made a comeback, it would not have been possible without the help of eager students and Chinese teacher Dr. Fangxia Zhao. With bountiful opportunities for cultural immersion and a diverse group of Warriors, North Atlanta celebrates the Chinese Cultural Club in all its glory.