Teddy Meredith: A Leg Up On the Competition


Teddy Meredith

Finish Fast, Finish Strong: Teddy Meredith is always looking to set the tone at his races.

To many, cross-country is more than a sport; it is an art. The constant rhythmic thump of feet slapping the ground relaxes the body into a trance-like state. For most, running is a constant, never-ending struggle, for cross country superstar Teddy Meredith, this rhythmic beating is everything. For him, cross-country is nothing short of therapy.

Meredith has always had a connection with running. Aided by his brother’s love for running, he joined every race he could, starting with 5ks in elementary school. He quickly found he had a gift and a passion for the sport. “I found early success in those 5ks. I knew I had a gift, and I found a way to put it to good use,” said Meredith.

Meredith continued his cross-country journey at Sutton Middle School where he found immediate success and established himself as one of the best runners in the district, and the state. Meredith consistently found himself on the podium often breaking records in the process. “My success continued into middle school and I kind of realized that my talent was for real,” he said. ”That was when I started to take my running career more seriously.”

His success only grew when he furthered his career at North Atlanta, quickly becoming one of the many stars of the Dubs cross-country team and track team. As a freshman, Meredith again established himself as one of the elite region and district-wide runners. Continuing into his sophomore, and junior year, he has built on his successes in hopes of continuing his domination of both cross-country and track. “I’m excited for this year. I think we can do something really special,” he said. “The boys fell short last year, but we are looking faster and more complete than ever before.”

Meredith’s love for the sport runs deep. The thrill of the finish, the sense of accomplishment when finishing a run and of course, achieving a personal record in the process. To Meredith, there is nothing like crossing the finish line knowing he put his heart and body on the line. “There is nothing like the feeling of the end of a race,” said Meredith. “It is something straight out of a movie.”

While running is certainly not for everyone, he has certainly made a name for himself–and North Atlanta. With his hard work and dedication to getting better, this is only the beginning for Meredith. His jaw-dropping speed and endurance are a sight to behold and he is ready to use them for a chance at a state championship ring.