Double Trouble: Dual-Sport Stars Take Over the Dubs Sports World


Henry Peck

Seeing Double: Xaden Benson is a forcer to be reckoned with on the diamond and the gridiron.

At North Atlanta, there is no shortage of incredible standout athletes. Whether they are on the field, court, or even in the pool, the Dubs are dominant in every competition imaginable. Despite a recent influx in talent, some student-athletes take on an even larger role, the dual-sport athlete. Even with the early mornings and late nights, with little time in between, these Dubs find a way to make it happen.

Xaden Benson, an International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate by day and a stellar athlete by night, has earned back-to-back All-Region honors as part of a shutdown secondary while also patrolling the outfield as an elite defensive outfielder. The safety led the history-making squad in interceptions while simultaneously preparing to take a much larger role on the diamond this year. “What he does on the baseball field is even more impressive when you realize what he also does on the football field,” said Head Coach Ricky Plante. “We are lucky to have him on our team.”

Sharing the halls with Benson is fellow junior Leela Langston. Langston–like Benson–has seen tremendous success on the diamond. Langston was the best player on a Dubs softball team that went undefeated in region play and won the region for the third consecutive year. She batted over .500 and was named the 6A Region Player of the Year. Langston is also a member of the girls’ basketball team, running the offense alongside guard Sienna Schettino. “It is definitely not always easy, but I’ve played with so many great girls that it makes it all worth it,” she said. 

These athletes constantly push themselves and their bodies to the limit, and the outcome is special. For state-qualified diver and Dub soccer star Hope Hallett, the ability to perform at a high level is due to her competitive nature and love for the sport. She rubs the pitch as a forward, always making the right play and helping the Dubs get the win. Hallett is also a part of a historic group of North Atlanta divers, being one of four to represent North Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools at the state-wide level for the first time ever. “Getting to wear the sword and shield on my chest alongside my friends is something special,” she said. 

Benson, Langston, Hallett, and the countless other dual-sport athletes at North Atlanta embody what it means to be a Warrior. They push themselves and others around them to be the best versions of themselves. Whether it is wreaking havoc on defense or sparking the offense, these Dubs are causing trouble…double trouble.