Warrior Talent: Band and Orchestra Show Their Musical Skill


Cady Studios

String Thing: Sophomore violinist Sydney Heaton makes music along with her colleagues as a member of the North Atlanta Orchestra. Cady Studios

North Atlanta’s best talents can all be found in one place: the Fine Arts Department. With an array of classes, such as dance, theater, and art, the individuals in this field best showcase the talent of North Atlanta. Band and orchestra are two classes in particular that demonstrate the musical forte of NAHS students, and are definitely challenging classes at times. The development of skills that aid in playing instruments and practicing is something band and orchestra students must work on throughout the year, and although it’s not easy, these young musicians know they can succeed. 

Orchestra student Sydney Heaton shares her passion for the class, specifically the instrument she plays: the violin. The violin is not the easiest instrument to master, but with the help of her orchestra teacher Stephen Lawrence and working with her peers, the job is made easier. “This year Mr. Lawrence has upped the difficulty in order for us to live up to our potential, but I’m definitely excited for the spring concert. I know the seniors will pick a great theme.” 

Band, like orchestra, is a highly enjoyable class where students are able to express their musical capabilities. Band director Adam Brooks feels that seeing his students progress and get better at playing their instrument is his favorite part of teaching band. “A lot of events are in place for marching band during October,” he said. “They’re performing at competitions and at a Halloween parade. These students are very hard-working and have a lot of potential.”

Musical challenges, from a playing test to auditioning for All-State, are no stranger to any of these students. Contrary to popular belief, band and orchestra are not just leisure classes. These young, talented minds perform to the best of their ability and are continuously expanding on what can help them become the best musicians they can be. Despite the conflicts that may arise as the year progresses, academic and music-wise, the fine arts students as a whole never fail to impress the school.

The song remains the same, and when it comes to making beautiful music, nothing is more reflective of the excellence of North Atlanta than is orchestra and band.