Football Phenom Hunter Davis Lights Up the Field


Kate Willoughby

Friday Night Lights: #24 Hunter Davis is a star on the field for the Warriors.

Not even a pandemic can stop the Dubs from dominating. Under new leadership with Coach Aull, sophomore star Hunter Davis is flourishing. As one of the few sophomores getting playing time on Varsity, Davis has proved that he will be a big asset for the future of Dub football. 

For the 2019 season, Davis was a freshman running back and outside linebacker on JV.  This year he made his debut on Varsity, an impressive feat for a sophomore. Davis’s teammates took note of his impressive skills on the field, which has earned him some respect from the upperclassmen.  “Hunter is quite the playmaker on the field who allows his performance to speak for itself,” said fellow Sophomore Jamie O’Kelley, “He also impacts others by reminding them how they can get better.”

Davis, at 5 feet and 9 inches and 165 pounds, manages to be a gifted player on the field while being relatively undersized. Davis makes the most of practices and pushes himself every chance he gets, motivating the rest of the team. His determination and dedication to the team was influential in his placement on Varsity. “A key factor for him ending up on varsity has to do with his leadership skills and the fact that he doesn’t let his size affect him,” said O’Kelley.

Davis, humble in his position on the team, acknowledges his strengths but champions those of nose-guard David Howard, who he champions as the best for North Atlanta. Playing linebacker this year has allowed him to be able to roam the field as a force to be reckoned with. “I do my job every play, which allows me to make plays,” said Davis.

Though his favorite position is running back, he still loves his current spot as linebacker.  The football program is in good hands with Davis and others leading the charge for the future. Beware of the Dubs, future opponents, as the Warriors have a stacked team of talent with Davis on the field.