Dubs Spirit Shines: Fans Allowed for First Time at Westlake Football Game


Dedicated Seniors: Shown above from left to right are seniors Greyton Iannotti, Tyler Hankin, and Anders Roth. These seniors were able to secure tickets and see their football team in action for the first time this season.

The day had finally arrived: North Atlanta students were given the opportunity to attend a football game. On Friday, November 7, students walked into Westlake Stadium eager to watch their first and maybe only in-person football game of the season. Of course, like everything else, there were COVID regulations in place and nothing was what it normally would’ve been, but most students didn’t mind. They were just happy to be there, dressed for the theme from head to toe, and full of pent up Dubs spirit. 

Last Friday, the Warriors went head to head against Westlake High School. This game, however, was not like the rest. For the first time all season, NAHS students were permitted entry to the game, with the proper COVID precautions in place. The number of students allowed to attend was very limited due to lowered stadium capacity, and, with it being Westlake’s homecoming, the number of NAHS tickets lessened even more. With no more than 30 students there, it felt a bit different than what most students were used to, but that didn’t stop the fun. “We all had a great time,” said senior Foard Martin. “We had been waiting so long for an opportunity to go to a game so we were all just so happy to be there.”

Along with a lower capacity of fans were other COVID regulations including masks and social distancing. These regulations were put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and lower the risk of transmission. Such regulations did cause this student section to feel much different than past student sections, but many students have gotten used to the abnormal changes brought on by 2020. “Normally our student section is filled to the brim with students. Obviously because of the COVID regulations, there were less people. Even still, it was so refreshing being able to show support to our team,” said senior Briya Simpson. “I felt very safe the entire game. The school was very attentive to keeping the environment safe while still enjoyable.”

Nonetheless, some things never change. There was still a theme assigned to this game that the students could get all decked out for. The theme was rave which meant lots of bright neon outfits. Leave it to the Dubs to go above and beyond for each and every theme assigned. “Although the student section was small, we were mighty,” said senior Julia Naphin. “It was mostly seniors so with it being potentially the only game we were allowed to attend of our senior year, we were determined to go all out for the rave theme.”

Unfortunately, APS is continuing their ban of fans at home football games, even as the season winds to a close. Because of this, the Warriors have been playing for an empty stadium barring away games at schools that allow fans. With Westlake being one of the few, and maybe only possibility for NAHS students to have a football student section, the Dubs made sure to show up and show out.