The Dawgs Turn the Tide to Win First National Championship in 40 Years


CBS Sports

Top Dawg: Defensive leader Jordan Davis celebrates UGA’s first football title in 42 years

After just three months, the state of Georgia gets yet another sports championship and no one is more electrified than the University of Georgia (UGA) fans at North Atlanta. The Dawgs took care of business against the always dangerous Alabama Crimson Tide in a 33-18 thriller that was full of big plays and lots (and lots) of penalties. 

After an uneventful, yet stressful first half, UGA, led by former walk-on Stetson Bennett IV, were able to breakaway in the fourth quarter, but for dedicated Georgia fan and North Atlanta sophomore, Thomas Maiellaro, that stress never went away. Maiellaro, who had seen countless 5-star recruits and top NFL talent pass through Athens in his lifetime waited patiently for what seemed like an inevitable title, but after years of disappointment, it seemed like it would never come. Little did he know the title was going to come against the very team that dominated the Dawgs in the SEC championship in early December. “I was hopeful, but nervous because as a UGA and Georgia sports fan I have learned to never count out a team of Bama’s caliber. They’ve always been our kryptonite. Have hope, but prepare for heartbreak,” he said. 

For many UGA fans watching the victory live on TV, it felt the energy from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis was pouring through their speakers and screens, but for three North Atlanta students, there was no screen. Diehard Dawg fans Mac Perno, Everett Hughen, and Sam Levitt were among the 68,000 fans in attendance that witnessed the 763 combined yards of offense and the defensive clinic put on by the Jordan Davis (DL) led defensive unit. “The stadium was rocking especially after the 40-yard touchdown pass to Mitchell to take the lead. It was so loud, we couldn’t hear ourselves think, but to see Kirby [Smart] lift the trophy, it was beyond worth it.” said Perno.   

This season was nothing short of incredible for both the team and its fans, but the storybook ending did not come without its fair share of obstacles. Injuries and covid had players on and off the field constantly, but the team managed to persevere and stay consistent. The team was certainly far from being considered “underdogs” this year, but still, for most UGA fans, the championship felt too good to be true. The team’s hard work paid off and the college football championship trophy and national title have found a home in Athens. As sports glory finally pours into Georgia, Dubs sports fans hope to see more victories for the city, state, and – of course – North Atlanta sports. Go Dubs and go Dawgs!