From Sunrise to Sunset: The Traditions of Senior Year


A Sight to See: Seniors Delia Neufield and Lizzie Havey are one of the many excited seniors to smile their way into a successful, and final, school year at North Atlanta’s customary Senior Sunrise.

Every August, with no exception, newly enthused seniors rise before the sun in order to ring in the upcoming school year. Finding a fresh way to include their graduating numbers within the word “senior”, the solicitous students file into the parking deck with a pep in their step, and a hint of reckless driving, in order to get the best pictures possible before the sun makes its morning debut. In a unique turn of events, this tradition is coined “senior sunrise”, and is only the first of many that the oldest class will brave on their avenue to adulthood. 

As their first days as the top dogs commence, the students bear the weight of a million different emotions. It is almost tradition that these almost-adults endure a whirlwind of pressure as they march through the fall semester, but luckily they have a multitude of marvelous activities to compensate for the treachery of college applications. “This is the beginning of the end,” said Senior Lizzie Havey, “I feel anxious, but yet so eager for what this year will bring.”

First off: play ball! As the summer turns to fall, the roles of Friday night lights reverse with the age-old tradition of the powder puff football game. Girls take on the role of the player as they gear up in a grade-level battle to glory: who will win? North Atlanta Alumni Marguax Wade reminisces on the powderpuff of years past. “It was a tough and devastating loss, but hopefully the seniors of this year will show up and show out!”

Autumn is filled to the brim with the odds and ends of the senior’s final hoorah. Friendsgiving, New Years, and more allow for some much-appreciated quality time with the ones they love. However, when December turns to January, all bids are off the table for the busy dubs. This is where tubular traditions lift the stress off of their weighted shoulders and welcome a happy celebration of the senior’s final semester. As the weather heats up, commitment day, field day, and senioritis come in hot. Senior Ben Felton said it best, “Now is the time to have fun, and (finally!) enjoy the moment.”

The saying goes like this: April showers bring May flowers, or, in North Atlanta fashion, prom brings graduation. These two events hit hard, as they present every emotion and every photo-op in turn. The final dance throws seniors across the Georgia Tech stadium stage, but quick, one penultimate tradition pulls the year to its close: Senior Sunset. Just as the excited seniors watched it rise, they gather with friends and family on the central field in order to watch the sunset on their last year together. “This tradition is as old as time,” said Senior Macy Margulius. “All I know is that the waterworks will be too much to handle.”

One thing that stayed true when these dubs were asked about the fate of their final year: have fun! (It’s tradition.)