A Night to Remember: North Atlanta’s North Star Talent Show Hits the Stage


Camille Evans

Students in the Spotlight: North Star’s talent and crew are all smiles after a dazzling show.

Do you remember the 21st night of September? If you attended North Atlanta’s talent show North Star, chances are you do! Every year a talented group of dazzling NAHS students step onto the stage and into the spotlight to show off their unique skills — singing, dancing, playing video games, and much more. With school life returning to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, many students jumped at the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as many pre-Covid classes had done.

As it tends to be in showbiz, putting on North Star is hectic. Typically, there’s one dress rehearsal before the actual show, but this year — because of a slight interference with homecoming week — there was only one quick run-through the day of the performance. But despite the craze, the tech crew loved putting on the show, feeling that it gave students a creative outlet without the fear of judgment. “It’s a production where crazy things tend to happen, but the chaos is a part of the show’s charm,” said director Camille Evans, a senior who’s worked on North Star all four years of high school. “It’s like America’s Got Talent but without the giant Xs.”

This year’s show had many entertaining acts, but students agree that the performance of Katy Perry’s infamous song California Girls was one of the best. Junior Grace Fors, who played Katy herself, wasn’t aware that she would be performing until two days before the show. Regardless, she stepped up to the occasion and stunned the audience with numerous quick outfit changes. “It’s amazing to see your friends perform – and even perform yourself,” said Fors. “There’s a point in the night where everything becomes ridiculous and dramatic, making the show so fun.”

The talent show’s winner receives free studio time in a professional recording studio with a professional producer courtesy of North Star’s sponsor, MEG Music Group. But despite the impressive reward, the performers support each other relentlessly. Junior Taylor So, who won this year’s talent show with a performance of her original song, has nothing but admiration for her fellow competitors. “We all knew that it was technically a competition, but honestly, we were all in it together regardless,” said So. “Everyone’s performances were amazing, and I’m still in awe.”

With the close of this year’s North Star and admiration for the yearly occurrence sparking new interest among students, the North Star talent show has remained one of North Atlanta’s most inclusive performances. The opportunity to showcase student talents and watch classmates perform will continue to be a coveted North Atlanta tradition. Let’s look forward to the following 21st of September, Warriors. It’ll be a night to remember.