An Edict: Students Exasperated By Poor Elevator Etiquette


Danielle Milburn

Going Up? Follow the rules in this edict and elevator etiquette will be an upward trend at North Atlanta.

Anyone who goes to North Atlanta has been on the elevator. Whether your experience on the elevator is good or bad is solely up to the people on the elevator. Screaming and jumping are just some of the enjoyable things that come with riding elevators here at North Atlanta. The following are the top five exasperating elevator experiences that brave students here at North Atlanta have lived to tell about.

1) Jumping: This was one of the most common answers when asking students what the thing that annoyed them most was. Everyone has been in the situation where your on your way to first period, early in the morning, going up from two to 11 and someone says the most hated words: “1,2,3 Jump!” Not only does the thought of being late come to mind but the fear of being stuck in an elevator with the 15 other people that are racing to class, too.

2) Pushing: There are those who push their way into the elevator when it’s full. And we all know the worst feeling is trying to get back to your classroom on Floor 10 when what feels like the entire lunchroom is pushing their way onto the elevators. Just when you think people will stop pushing, that last student tries to get onto the elevator which causes your face to get just a little closer to the person you’ve never seen standing right next to you.

3) Blocking: This is one of the most annoying things people do when on the elevators. When being on the elevator and feeling very crammed, all you want is to get off as soon as possible. But, when you’re in the back and see those doors starting to close, then they stop and open again. Someone has tried to push their way on and they are in the way of the closing doors.

4) Smelling (bad): Here’s another horror experienced by many, if not all North Atlanta students. It’s when you get on to the elevators and then people madly push to get on. Once the doors close, you realize that you made a mistake: you got on the wrong elevator. You start to smell someone in the elevator who has clearly just come out of the gym and most likely forgot deodorant that morning. And this is not a good thing.

5) Laziness: Head’s up everyone: Taking the elevator three floors or less is a major faux pas. Many students have experienced getting on the elevators before first period and you get on with your friends eager to get to class on time. You soon realize that the elevator is stopping on every floor meaning some people are getting off at three, four and five from level two. Not only are people taking the elevator up one floor, but they are going to make you late to class. To many students’ dismay, a common reaction to this action is blocking the elevator and not letting these people off on the floors they need to get off on.

Elevators here at North Atlanta are something that all students are so familiar with. With eight elevators and 1,980 students, there is bound to be bad behavior in the elevators. From bad smells to crammed spaces, the elevators are something that may be a cause of PTSD for some but for others, it’s a place to have fun and joke around. Hopefully, we can hope for some better elevator etiquette next semester.