Chomping Choice: Which Willy’s Is Best for Burrito Fixes?


Dennis Racket

Which Willy’s is Best? Dubs have always thought of Willy’s as a staple restaurant in the Atlanta area. Two locations come to mind for many Warriors: Howell Mill and West Paces. Either way, both these spots serve as a fantastic dining location for all Dubs alike.

Willy’s has been a Dub’s favorite and top choice eating spot for quite some time now. For many students, it is their go to spot for lunch, dinner, a midday snack, post-practice eats, or pretty much any occasion, anytime. Something about their quesadillas, burritos, and queso ranks them higher than any other mexican restaurant in Atlanta. Many Willy’s locations can be found all around the city, however two locations seem to reign supreme among the North Atlanta students; Howell Mill and West Paces. 

They are the same restaurant, just different locations, what could be the difference? Some Dubs students seem to think there is indeed a big difference, and clear winner, between the two. When asked, many students raised a lot of complaints about the West Paces employees and their quality of customer service. Most cited unfortunate incidents they have had at the West Paces location as well as numerous times that their order has been made wrong. “They always mess up my order at West Paces,” said sophomore Maggie Koontz. “Also, the food does not taste as good as it does at the Howell Mill location. I think there is a noticeable difference between the two.”

Furthermore, some students pointed out how the Howell Mill location was more convenient and more comfortable for them. The West Paces Willys sits in between two stores in a long row of shops. Therefore, the space is smaller and has limited outdoor seating. Given the current pandemic climate, sitting outdoors is a preference for most. “The outdoor seating area is WAY better at the Howell Mill location,” said sophomore Elizabeth Ackerman. “At West Paces there are very few outdoor tables and you are right on the sidewalk next to the big and busy parking lot.”

However, some Dubs pulled for the West Paces location. Willy’s has been renovating their restaurants one by one over the past couple of years. Despite both the Howell Mill and West Paces locations having been recently renovated, few feel that the West Paces Willy’s is better. “West Paces is nicer and newer,” said junior Leeza Kurtz. “Plus, I always see friends there.”

Still, Howell Mill came out on top in virtually every category. Many students reiterated what others had already said. “Better layout, better patio, and better employees,” said Duskin Balch. “Howell Mill Willy’s is definitely better.” 

Many of the students interviewed chose the Howell Mill location as the better spot, with a smaller amount choosing the West Paces location. Thus, it would seem that Howell Mill takes the dub on this one.