When Life Gives You Lulu-Lemons: The Lulu Craze Takes Over NAHS


Elizabeth Ackerman

Ladies Love Lululemon: Throughout all grades at North Atlanta, the omega symbol can be seen adorned on clothing. Juniors Delia Neufeld Juliette Holzworth can be seen wearing the brand that is all the craze.

If you’re ever taking a glance around the halls of North Atlanta, chances are you’ll see many students sporting athleisure. After all, staying comfortable is key when you’re forced to sit through a seven hour school day. For many students, this attire is composed of athletic wear—leggings, t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, sweatpants, etc.—of all different varieties. But there is one brand that is an obvious trend among NAHS students. Identifiable by their omega-like logo, athletic apparel from the company Lululemon has become a hot commodity in the student body.

Lululemon products have always been flying off the shelves. With their high quality and durability, it is no wonder why many Dubs have become Lulu fanatics. They might be an investment, but they sure will last forever. “Lululemon is my favorite place to get leggings,” said junior Juliette Holzworth. “I’ve had the same pairs since middle school and they’re still in great condition.”

One major drawback to Lululemon, however, is the price. For instance, fan-favorite Align Leggings are close to $100 for one pair—an outrageous price tag in the minds of many teens. Most are not willing to splurge on a single clothing item, and rightfully so. As a solution, some are finding other ways to buy their favorite items without breaking the bank. Resale websites such as Poshmark, Depop, and Curtsy have become very popular. “On Poshmark I can buy two pairs of Lululemon shorts for the price of one,” said junior Delia Neufeld. “Plus there are more options. I feel like the Lululemon website is always out of stock in everything.” 

School isn’t the only place you’ll find Dubs decked out in Lululemon garb. It’s also a popular uniform for many students cheering on the Warriors at the Friday night football games. “Athletic clothes are the most comfortable in the packed stands,” said junior Zoe Van Nostran. “And my Lululemon clothes are simple enough that they can always fit the themes.”

Whether you love or loathe Lululemon, you can’t deny that the popularity of the brand is abundant among most of the NAHS student body. It’d be pretty hard to give Lululemon a run for their money, as their clothes are a trend that just can’t be topped.