Trick or Treat: North Atlanta Students Introduce New Spooky “Hallo-week”


Eerie-sistible Costumes: Spook Week at North Atlanta was a time for students to show off their school spirit in theme for Halloween. Juniors Nicole Stevens, Anna Rohn, Ella McCabe, and Macy Margulis show off their spook-tacular costumes.

It’s time to boo-gie! North Atlanta’s very own Student Government Association is hosting the first ever Spook Week: a chance for students to show off their school spirit. The idea of a Spook Week was brought up by the eleventh grade president Ben Lopez as the junior’s monthly project idea and is a chance for teens to show off their individuality. The week consists of five different themes: tacky day, twin day, anything but a backpack day, colors day, and costume day. 

The notorious popularity of this holiday only furthered SGA’s eagerness to have another spirit-like week. North Atlanta students LOVE picking out a Halloween costume and going trick-or-treating (though they may be a little too old for that). This seemed like a perfect opportunity to let students be creative. COVID-19’s unprecedented year is also what fueled the decision to host a Halloween-themed spirit week. Restrictions placed upon hang-outs hurt any plans that students had to celebrate Halloween. SGA hoped to inspire some creativity out of the youth. “Spirit weeks are usually a favorite amongst students so I thought it was especially engaging considering it was a Halloween-themed event,” said SGA President and senior Kaylee Bryant.

The vision behind the week was thought about during a grueling zoom meeting, where members bounced different ideas off of each other. Eventually, a couple of ideas stuck as a celebration for the long-awaited spooky month of October. “We took a lot of inspiration from TikTok for this week,” said eleventh grade PR Representative Paige Clayton. “Especially anything but a backpack day. That was my favorite one.”

No worries about student participation here! SGA expects that a majority of students will show up for this spirit week. Homecoming week’s success indicates that students are excited to show off their uniqueness and originality. Student excitement and involvement are important to SGA and to North Atlanta as a whole, and Spook Week is a perfect opportunity to show off that hype. “We tried our best to make the themes somewhat broad and accessible to the majority of the student body, not making them too specific or requiring a purchase of any kind,” said Lopez.

Next week is sure to be a stressful and eventful week, what with the PSAT looming over everyone’s heads. Regardless, Spook Week is sure to be a de-stressing and buoyant stint for everybody. It’s sure to be a spooktacular and fang-tastic week!