Students Embrace Fashion Comfort for Zoom Classes  


Kelly Gilstrap

Creature Comforts: Dressed in comfy sweatpants, her favorite hoody and holding her trusty kitty kat Cody, junior Franki Kimche-Gilstrap is ready for remote-education success. For all North students, dressing for school has taken on a casual new twist now that Zoom calls are the predominant learning platforms.

Most North Atlanta students would agree that self-expression through clothing is one of the benefits of going to a public school, even if that school has a fairly strict dress code. Students are generally allowed to wear whatever they want unless it is offensive or inappropriate. However, times have obviously changed. Most students are still locked up in their rooms, trying their best to learn in a remote environment and adjusting their often exuberant styles to fit the new normal.  

Quarantine has allowed for more experimentation for some students. Sophomore Meredith Mason is one of the countless students who modified her style over the summer to fit her preferred aesthetic. On Zoom, she can be seen wearing plaid skirts, a pair of tights, or dark tops as she waits for the clock to tick down and hit 2:50. “I get a lot of attention just walking around because of how I look, and it took a while to get used to that,” She said. “I guess Zoom has helped me feel more confident in how I dress.”

Other students have adopted a more laid-back style on Zoom. Junior Franki Kimche-Gilstrap been wearing more comfortable outfits, like sweatpants and hoodies lately. Comfort is the number one priority for her when getting ready for online classes. Along with the more casual outfits, she also says that the need for makeup has become of less importance as remote learning continues. “Honestly, I forgot how to do makeup,” she said. “I haven’t worn it in so long because there really doesn’t seem to be any need to.” 

Attempting to establish some sense of normalcy in this period of great uncertainty, some students continue to dress exactly as they did before. One such individual is freshman Jared Rovak. He tells us that he usually wears shorts and t-shirts or hoodies because it’s comfortable, and he prefers to be relaxed while learning. “I really don’t think learning on Zoom has changed what I wear at all. I wore hoodies and shorts when I went to school as well. I’ve always worn casual and comfortable clothing. It’s  just my thing,” he said.

Adapting to a new environment can be stressful, but clothing may be a way to regain some control of the chaos happening in the world. Finding a unique style can also be a form of entertainment when life behind a screen becomes a little too boring. As students continue to express themselves in new and exciting ways on Zoom, we are eagerly waiting to see what other styles they adapt as the school year progresses. In these strange times, dressing for success has taken on an entirely new meaning