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Se’Lah Robinson
Se’Lah Robinson is a newbie sophomore staff writer with a frequently brainstorming mind and fingers that write on their own. Joining the Warrior Wire staff grants her the chance to express her knack for writing, rather than in her dreams as she sleeps her free time away (#1 hobby). When awake it isn’t rare to find Se’Lah making coffee, painting on $3 canvases, or attempting to play the drums on her standard drum kit. While doing schoolwork, after duking it out with procrastination that is, she uses one of her favorite bands, Nirvana as a way to get her mind moving and to speed up the homework process. Se’Lah runs track for North Atlanta in the spring, an efficient way to send her hitting the hay once she gets home.

Se'Lah Robinson, Staff Writer

Jan 14, 2021
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Se’Lah Robinson